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The overall balanced signature is much less pronounced on the reference DT 1990 Pro. In stock . Free shipping . Performance. 6.6 N Weight w/o cable 370g Length and type of cable 3 m / straight cable or 5 m / coiled cable (stretched), each detachable with a 3-pin mini XLR cable connector, single-sided Connection Gold-plated mini stereo jack (3.5 mm) & 1/4″ adapter (6.35 mm) $22.80. Nominal headband pressure. It’s basically a DT 990 with some T90 design elements and a very thick and stiff cable. The DT 990 PRO headphones is the range’s open-back model offering impressive spaciousness. There are fundamentally two differences between the models. I would have preferred a straight cable rather than the coiled one that this model has. The Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO headphones are ideally fit in with other items that were released by the famous brand. They reproduce a lot of detail in high-resolution tracks and have a clear and crisp sound quality with a spacious soundstage. Due to a weight reduction of the diaphragm an excellent sound reproduction quality is achieved. Moreover, the PRO version is supplied with a coiled cable and the Edition version with a straight cable. ... It’s great for everyday studio use and features a straight cable as opposed to a coiled cable – which believe it or not makes quite a difference. Perhaps the most visible difference between these headphones, though, is the earcup design. Starting off with the DT 990 PRO, the sound quality is pretty decent and to be honest, there isn’t much difference when compared to the Premium. However, the edition models have a slightly softer headband for music enjoyment at home while the Pro model sits somewhat tighter on the head, in order to stay in position with frequent movements during a studio session. AU $224.64. beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 250 Ohms . These headsets are considered one of the best open-back headsets by bringing the listening to music and studio work to a completely new level.. Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Review – Design and Feature . dt 990 pro > Despite the respectable age of the design, the DT 990 Pro is often found in many studios and often users recommend them as a mid price point open back studio headphone. Aside from this minor issue, I am very pleased with the DT-990 Pro. This was easily solved by an extension cable (the excellent 1/4" Pig Hog brand here on Amazon). The Edition model is ideal for use at home. In stock . Black Friday Sell on bidorbuy CYBER MONDAY Stores Promotions. Buy your next Music PC System from Inta-Audio today! Free shipping for many products! The DT 990 Pro only comes in a 250ohm variant. Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO Studio Headphones (Ninja Black, Limited Edition) - DT990-BLKLIMITED. Moreover, the PRO version is supplied with a coiled cable and the Edition version with a straight cable. In stock . Stretching the coiled cable tends to tug on the headphones, limiting the useful length. The DT 1990 bass is better extended and has less emphasis/coloration and is a bit closer to neutral while retaining the slightly warm signature. Nominal SPL: 96dB. Online Guides All Guides. Beyerdynamic 905.771 Straight Replacement Cable for DT770PRO and T70. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 250 Ohm - Limited Edition Black Straight Cable at the best online prices at eBay! Replacement Cable Smooth (# 905771), Connecting cable for DT-770 PRO / 990 PRO / 880, With gold-plated 3.5 mm stereo jack and adapter 3.5mm / 6.3 mm However, the Edition models have a somewhat softer headband for enjoying music at home while the PRO headset has a slightly tighter fit on the head so that it doesn't move even in case of faster movements in everyday studio use. Description. In stock . An extremely comfortable open-back headphones for everyday use, the beyedynamic DT990 pro provides outstanding tonal depth which gives you the tools you need to identify acoustic source with precision. Hello guys, iam planning to buy a DT990 pro headphones which my friend recommended to me, though i noticed at last that the cable is not detachable so i was afraid that i'll be putting my investment on something that might soon be cut damaged or else. DT 990 PRO. The DT 990 Pro has a higher treble peak but at around 14kHz. Replacement Cable Cord Wire Plug For Beyerdynamic DT770 DT990 PRO Headphones in the Other Gadgets category for sale in Outside South Africa (ID:495334422) Buy Replacement Cable Cord Wire Plug For Beyerdynamic DT770 DT990 PRO Headphones for R195.37. April 03, 2020 07:48; Updated; Yes, The following spare-part connectiong cable are available: CONNECTING CORD, COILED, 5.0m. $117. Beyerdynamic also produces a limited edition version that features black ear pads and a straight cable. Expected to ship out in 8-10 business days. Identical sound transducers are used. The DT 990 Edition headphones for the home and the DT 990 PRO studio headphones: Both are identical in sound. These open backed headphones with circumaural ear pads have a lightweight diaphragm for improved performance. ... ★★★★★ $24.95. €15.09 . Even though they’re meant for professionals, these are really fun to listen to casually as well. $7.85. The DT 1990 Pro also has a treble peak but at a lower frequency (8kHz). These use a 3-pin mini XLR cable to connect, and come with two cables (coiled and straight). . CONNECTING CORD, STRAIGHT, 3.0m. The undetachable cable is the only DT 880 Pro drawback that hurts the value score, everything else is taken care of. . Fits: DJX 1 DT 770 / DT 770 PRO / DT 770 PRO HT DT 880 PRO DT 990 / DT 990 Edition / DT 990 PRO DT 440 Edition DT 660 Edition DT 860 Edition Mid-Level Open-Back Smackdown: 1990 Pro vs 660 S In-the-Box Beyer on the left, Sennheiser on the right. The Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro are excellent neutral listing headphones. DT990 Pro Key Features: Open diffuse-field studio headphone 250 ohms Professional version of the many times awarded “DT 990” Extremely lightweight diaphragm for superb impulse performance Excellent sound reproduction Robust, easy serviceable construction as all parts are replaceable 3.0 m (9.8 ft.) straight cable (single sided) Add to Cart Showing 1 - 24 of 108 . Can I modify the cable on my DT 770/880/990 PRO? Uber Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro Detachable Stereo litz cable & modded drivers 250 ... beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO 250 ohm - LIMITED EDITION (Black, Straight Cable) - OB. The Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro headphones are open-back. Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro Headphones - B Stock-8 Beyerdynamic Clearance Headphones @ Inta-Audio is the UKs leading Pro Audio company specialising in Music PC Systems and Computer Music Solutions. Its rugged design with a spring steel headband ensures a secure fit and withstands all demands. For decades now, professional users all around the world have been putting their trust in the DT 770 PRO studio reference headphones. Straight replacement cable for the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO and T70 headphones. approx. Replacement Cable Smooth (# 905771), Connecting cable for DT-770 PRO / 990 PRO / 880, With gold-plated 3.5 mm stereo jack and adapter 3.5mm / 6.3 mm BeyerDynamic DT 990 PRO 250 ohm (Black, Straight Cable) Excellent Sound Reproduction Robust Spring Steel Headband Soft Inner Headband Single Sided Cable Gold Plated Stereo Jack Plug (3.5mm) Lightweight Diaphragm 250 Ohms. AU $249.60. The DT 990 Edition headphones for use at home and the DT 990 PRO studio headphones: Soundwise, both models are identical as they feature identically designed acoustic transducers. €99.14 . Impedance: 250 ohms. All three models sport a 9.8 ft (3 m) coiled cable and include a … Soft headband and ear cushioning systems ensure a high comfort over long periods of time. the 250 ohm DT 880 Edition and the 250 ohm DT 880 Pro sound the same). so my question is, does the cable … In the box, you will get 1/8″ to 1/4″ adapter, a manual and a carrying pouch along with DT 990 Pro headphones. Includes drawstring bag for transportation. Moreover it comes in two colors Black and Grey. $17.85. Inta-Audio supply Pro Audio Music PC Systems and specialist computer music solutions to home studios and professional studios. Creative Sound BlasterX G6 High sound quality Portable Hi-res compatible SBX-G6 . beyerdynamic Headband Slider Kit . The old DT 990-600 has bigger bass and less ‘agressive’ treble. 3m coiled cable with 3.5mm, stereo, jack plug and 6.35mm jack plug adapter. From the Manufacturer Excellent sound reproduction robust spring steel headband soft inner headband single sided cable gold plated stereo jack plug (3.5mm) Lightweight diaphragm and nbsp; 250 ohms. The headphones might require an amp since they have an impedance of 250 ohm. These headphones are the expert model of the extremely famous … Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro is one of the “old guard” open back studio headphones from the 90-ies which was at the time pitted against AKG K701 and Sennheiser HD 600. The cable isn’t detachable and is 3.77 ft long. The models of the Pro product family are designed for professional users while those of the Edition product family are designed for end users.. The 770 features a closed-back design, while the 880 and 990 offer semi-open and open-back designs, respectively. DT 990 pro > They may sound a bit sharp at times, as the treble range is slightly too emphasized, but bass, instruments, and vocals are well-balanced and reproduced with high-fidelity. . If you want to save a few more euros, go for DT 880 Edition – you’ll get the same sound and overall quality at the expense of shorter cable and looser clamping force, which may be a good thing, depending on who you ask. DT 990 Pro is a fantastic sounding pair of open-back headphones. … There are three variants of the Edition – the 32, 250, and 600 Ohm. Beyerdynamic ships the DT 1990 Pro with two cables: one 3-meter straight cable and one 5-meter coiled cable. The DT 990 PRO is an open dynamic headphone for studio applications. The DT 990 Edition was released as a “home” listening headphone for high-end audio speakers, however, on their website, they say that both DT 990 headphones use exactly the same technology inside, so the only difference is aesthetically (1. the straight vs. coiled cable, 2. softer headband on Edition, and 3. colour). €19.31 . However, the Edition models have a somewhat softer headband for enjoying music at home while the PRO headset has a slightly tighter fit on the head so that it doesn't move even in case of faster movements in everyday studio use. The default version features a coiled cable and gray ear pads. €6.64 . It is important to know that the models of the Pro and Edition product families do not differ noticeably in terms of sound, provided that they have the same impedance (e.g. The Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro feature a single mini-XLR connection on the left earcup. Last one. DT 1350 Straight Cable: No; The prices in € are a guideline only ... beyerdynamic DT-990/880 Ear Pads . My comparisons are based on this rebrand, so do keep that in mind. beyerdynamic DT-990 Headband .

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