Membership & Volunteers


  • Is open to everybody
  • Members fill in membership forms
  • Forms contain a range of  annual fees which can be paid at once, on monthly basis & quarterly but most preferred is monthly.
  • Forms have 3 parts, A, B, and C
  • Part A is for Volunteers and partners, Part B is for Corporate institutions, donors and individual businesses and Part C is for individual members who subscribe for  membership.
  • Membership fee drives KUHEM     operations.
  • Once a member, you enjoy the  following benefits;
    1. Being one of the few to help the needy and voiceless suffering Malawians
    2. Having the ability to be voted into various board positions
    3. Attending KUHEM Annual board meetings
    4. Having a recognized voice during board meetings
    5. Having a less competitive chance of employment in KUHEM
    6. Fully entitled to free heath services offered by KUHEM Trust Clinics
    7. Attending workshops and seminars organized by KUHEM or other working partner


  • KUHEM accepts volunteers  from all fields especially  healthy related.
  • Other fields like marketing, ICT, Accounting,  Agriculture are also welcomed in KUHEM
  • Kuhem membership form in MK
  • Kuhem Membership form in USD

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