Kuwala Health Media Trust is an NGO based in Mzuzu-North Malawi. Kuwala means light, health means the general state of well-being and media is the main means of mass communication. By this, Kuwala Health Media Trust brings health light to the communities through mass communication. Our acronym is KUHEM Trust and our Slogan is Our People Our Health.
Formed on 22nd November, 2013 by Mr Joel Jere, Mr Cossam Hauli and Mr Solomon David Chomba. Mr Joel Jere and Cossam Hauli had a studio by the name Kuwala media where they were shooting editing videos. In the course the two met Mr Solomon David Chomba an Obstetric and Gynecological clinician working at Mzuzu central hospital- the biggest in north Malawi. Mr Solomon David Chomba started explaining the situation of cervical cancer in the country where he narrated to say on each gynecology clinic day he puts 5 women on palliative care following late detection of cervical cancer. Mr Chomba reported to say that the late detection was as a result of lack of primary prevention measures which was as a result of lack of awareness. This explanation led to the birth of Kuwala Health Media Trust whose primary objective was to shoulder with the government in primary prevention of cervical cancer and all other preventable and curable diseases with much emphasis on community health awareness campaigns and resource mobilization and donation to health facilities. 
From our limited resources, the organisation began to be set up from 22nd November, 2013 amidst criticisms and discouragements from relatives and friends. We finally registered the organisation in 2014 as a membership based organisation. Many people of goodwill subscribed for membership. From the membership fees, we started implementing our core objectives of awareness campaigns and resource mobilization. 
KUHEM Trust has now registered over 150 board members from various professionals and its membership subscription is still open for more new subscribers.
The Board Chairman  is Pastor Stephen Kalua
The Board Secretary is Mr. Solomon David Chomba
The Board Treasurer is Mr. Moses Kauka
 All rights reserved 2017-2022 Kuwala HMT
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