Kuwala Health Media Trust known as KUHEM, is a non profit making Non-governmental organization that was formed on 12th September, 2013 with the following objectives;

1.Community mobilization and conducting awareness campaigns on all preventable and curable diseases affecting peoples health with an aim of ensuring an efficient public health system in Malawi.
2.Resource mobilization and donation to health facilities and the needy with an aim of ensuring good health for all Malawians plus efficient health service delivery.
3.Advocating for the health rights of Malawians by becoming the voice of the voiceless on all matters relating to their health.
4.Opening and running of clinics in all areas where government has not reached so as to improve on hospital accessibility by communities.
5.Conducting research and consultancies on all issues relating to public health in Malawi.

6. Capacity building of all our members through trainings and training support


  1. Public and Private Hospitals
  2. Partnering organizations
  3. Community members
  4. Government and government ministries
  5. Companies
  6. Donors and all well wishers

Open to all interested individuals, donors, groups, organizations and companies sharing the same vision

Malawian rural community women, children, elderly, widows, orphans, disabled, palliative patients and all vulnerable Malawian citizens dwelling both in urban and rural setting.

All rights reserved 2015-2022 Kuwala HMT

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