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Kuwala Health Media Trust to establish cervical cancer clinic in Mzuzu

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r breast and cervical cancer is a public health imperative
Screening for women Cancer

A local non-governmental organization known as Kuwala Health Media Trust, yesterday launched a funding mobilisation campaign for the establishment of a special cervical cancer clinic in Mzuzu.

According to the officials of the organization, the aim for establishing the clinic is due to the increase of cervical cancer cases in Mzuzu.

Speaking in an interview, director of the organization Solomon Chumba said he believes that the establishment of the clinic will help women who are inflicted with the disease in the area.

“Our recent survey that we conducted in some public health facilities, such as Mzuzu central and Mapale health centre, also revealed that there was high rate of cancer related deaths,” said Chumba.

Chumba who worked as a Gynacologist at Mzuzu central hospital, said most of the cases being registered in the health facilities are serious and referred to the palliative care.

According to Chumba the delay by women to go for cervical cancer screening, is the main cause for the increase of the disease.

“Most of the women are (not aware) about signs of the disease due to communication gap but this will be the history when the clinic is established. Apart from that the clinic will help women to regularly screen for cancer,” he suggested.

Chumba said the massive awareness campaigns that his organization did in Mzuzu and surrounding rural areas, helped to increase the number of women going for screening in health facilities.

The organization is expected to raise about K9 million for the clinic.

“To achieve this amount we are organising fundraising activities, like the one we held last Friday,” he said.





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  1. Wonderful post and development. Let Malawians join forces in fighting this cervical cancer till we make it an issue of the past in our country like any other developed countries. It pains to see more than 4000 women keep dying from this highly preventable and treatable disease. Why US? We can still do something as a country.

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